Friday, May 05, 2006

I went flying with the Red Baron Pizza Squadron the other day! Yup, it's time for the annual 'McDonald's Air and Sea Show' again! Sounds fun, right?
Well, I have to admit... flying in stunt planes is not my favorite thing to do. Something crazy usually happens. Not to mention, motion and I don't get along so well. I even got sick on a blimp once.
You: Wow, Angie! What was it like to ride on a blimp!?
Me: It's extremely noisy, the quarters are cramped, and you slowly sway back and forth...back and forth... back and forth... but, you get to tell people you rode on a blimp!

One time when I was working in Vegas, Dave and I were doing a story with those lightplanes that do not have engines. The pilot was going through his pre-flight safety mantra when he suddenly YELPED and threw something in the air from the back seat of the plane! We had no idea what was going on. Then the pilot became awkward and quiet with only the occasional nervous laugh. We kept asking him "What? What's going on?". Then, I saw it. What had gone sailing through the air was an open bag of vomit from the previous passenger. The vomit had spilled from the bag, landing smack dab on top of the station's expensive lipstick camera! It was covered! Dave and I were reminiscing about that day and laughed as we just realized--years later--that everybody at the station probably figured he or I had vomited on the camera! I suppose I wouldn't blame them if they did. 'The pilot freaked out and threw an open bag of vomit on the lipstick camera' doesn't really sound plausable.
Then, of course, the last time I did a profile on a stunt pilot-- he crashed his plane and died a couple days later practicing the very same stunts as when my reporter was with him.
I never worry that anything bad might happen while I'm doing stories like this. Odds are they won't. Plus, the camera makes you invincible, ya know.

And I've never lost my lunch on any of these adventures (I'm serious old 13ers, Vomitgate is 100%true!). On this day, I didn't do any stunts! Yay! I shot the other plane doing the stunts from my plane. Now THAT I can handle. It was a good day. No motion sickness. No airborne vomit bags. Tomorrow I cover the actual Air and Sea show!
Here's the video link if you'd like to see me not getting sick! :)

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