Sunday, May 28, 2006

Congrats to my friends Aaron and Kim on their newborn son, Landon! Of course, as you may remember, we had a name the baby contest here on The winning entry was "Seven", from bluedogphotog. I am unsure how this discrepancy in the name came about, but I assure the winner he may keep his prize of Hartman's left over Burker King french fries. Congrats Aa and K!

Check out my new wheels! Old Bessy (my old news car) has been retired! In her place is a brand new, dark blue, 2006 Nissan Exterra!As you can see it's parked in the 'media parking' on South Beach (aka: the sidewalk). ;)

Speaking of South Beach... There's no shortage of entertainment when covering stories there! This guy was totally nuts, dancing around my camera, begging to get on the news, talking about how "sexy" he is. As appropriate as it would have been to show him dancing around during a story about a man who killed his little kids by throwing them off the 15th story balcony and then jumping himself... the blog will have to do!

Life at work can be so predictable sometimes. There's always a nut wanting to get on tv, there's always a comment about how the gear is bigger than I am and when you walk to the back of the live truck there's always some random dude with a gigantic snake hanging around there. I mean, why wouldn't there be a guy with a big snake behind the truck? Quite frankly, I'd be more surprised if there wasn't a guy with a snake back there.

Earlier in the week Dave and I went to Pensacola to shoot a few stories. We were there for a couple of days. They are still recovering from hurricane Ivan in 2004! This road is still closed. That's not the reason we were there though. I'll blog about that after the story airs!

My sister-in-law, Amy, said my shirt looks like Piglet's shirt from Winnie the Pooh. haha

Oh yes, and there was crab! They were showing the American Idol finale at this restaurant. When Taylor Hicks won, a poor little 5 year old girl sitting behind us started crying. She wanted Katherine to win. She balled and balled... And balled... And balled... 20 minutes later: "Waaaaaaah! Ka-Ka-Kather--Waaaaaaaaaah!". I think she was still crying when we left.

Dave and I are heading to Vegas and LA tomorrow! Wooo! Soul Patrol!


Dave Malkoff said...

You know, the Las Vegas AI auditions is where they found Taylor Hicks!
"No way, no how, no way.", said Simon Cowell in Las Vegas that day. Taylor could never make it to the finals!

Soul Patrol!

AmyM said...

Piglet Patrol! Woo!

cool b said...

That is a SWEET news you remember Blue Betty at KBAK? Ah, good times...

Thought this might interest you and other "newsies"...if you haven't already heard about it - 3 dead after falling off a TV tower here in Iowa.

SassyJill said...

Girl, you are sooo working on a different level than me. Yeah I get my creeps too but most of them are normal midwest drunks or harmless crazies who are just lonely.

You cover a lot of big stories and I wonder if the pressure is more or less for you than us, on the bottom, scraping together blind-dog stories to lead at eleven.

Right now your blog makes me feel very market 110. Good work ^_^*