Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Congrats to my cousin Alissa and Richie! They were married on September 8th!
I just finished burning the dvd of their wedding for them. Well, I still have to design a dvd box cover and dvd label... but soon Cousin, you'll have your wedding documentary! Yes, I said documentary. I tend to get a little carried away. :)

I had such a great trip back home. Here I am with my cousins, Charlotte, Ryann, and Jana. At one point I was talking with Charlotte and I started to tell her about my neices coming over for a sleep over:

Charlotte: Yes, I know.

Angie: You know?

Charlotte: Yeah, it was on your blog.

I forget some people actually read this thing! haha. Next time I see Charlotte I plan on telling her all about the time I blogged about me telling her a story she already read about on my blog-- and then I'm going to blog about it. :D


And of course it was great to see my parental units again!


My brother turned 28 while I was home. Happy birthday John!! And no, I didn't just get him florescent light bulbs (hey, those are a great gift!). I also bought him:


Firefly and Serenity! I turned him into a big Firefly fan like me. We both avoided the show for the same reasons when it was on-- the twangy cowboy music. haha. It's a fantastically written show though. It's a shame it was cancelled so soon!

John and Olivia just moved into their new home! Their living room resembles the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D bridge!

Oh, and Newman sat on my lap--which, apparently, does not happen to anybody--EVER. Hello, Newman!
Another trip highlight-- the most incredibly awesome BBQ EVER at Uncle John's!
I cannot even begin to describe to you how delicious the ribs were. Songs will be sung of those ribs.
I got to meet the newest additions to our family! Here is one of Sara's newborn twins! I think this is LJ, but there is a 50% chance of it being AJ. :) Keep the pictures coming, Cuz!


This is Logan, Jana and Billy's son! He's 4, but I hadn't met him until now. My Dad loves to kid Logan. At the reception, Dad asked him if he wanted to dance. "NO!!". haha, he's a cutie. Jana, I'll be sending you a dvd very soon.

I'm being sent out of town for work tomorrow. I won't be back until Monday! Viva Las Vegas!


Monday, September 03, 2007

In my last post when I mentioned my Panda buddy, Cara, was probably going to visit soon-- I didn't realize she was going to call me that evening to announce she was in town! We met up at a bar in Hollywood and caught up on life over a box of "hello panda" cookies and drinks. Ok. Drink, not drinks. I don't really drink so much. I'm a total lightweight. If I have just 20% of a beer I'm be a goner!
I promised the Panda story when she visited. It's probably not nearly as hillarious to others as it is to us, but here goes!:
We were working together in Vegas one day, driving down Sahara.

Cara: Do you want to grab some lunch?
Angie: Sure, sounds good.
Cara: What do you want to eat?

Angie: Oh, I don't know. I like pretty much anything. What's good near here?

Cara: Do you eat Panda?

You have to understand, I was new to Vegas and I di
dn't know Cara. My eyes went wide. Was she really talking about eating an endangered fluffy bear? I know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but----
Cara started laughing as she realized I didn't know about:
Cara: Panda Express! haha! It's a chinese place!
From then on we became Panda buddies for life. lol! Ok,
so next time I see Cara I'll tell you all the story about the day it rained Hooter fries on us.Also at the bar that night was Johah Hill (left) from SuperBad! (thumbs up on that movie, btw!) He was letting people take pictures with him. Too bad all I had was my cell camera! It wouldn't have turned out, it was so dark in the bar. The pic with my Panda buddy was taken after they turned the lights to kick everybody out. :)

In other news:

Sawyer and Cydney had a sleep over at our place last weekend! We took them to see the Simpsons movie (Thumbs up), went to the grocery store and performed a spontaneous musical about our search for a missing man who ended up being inside a pineapple. The man ate his way out of the pineapple which then caused a massive search for a missing pineapple. Had to be there! And Dave taught the girls to play Blackjack. The cutest thing of all is Hartman slept with Cyd on the couch all night! awww!

My prize for my winning Stargate video arrived Friday! I'll be sure and post a picture of it when I get back home. Right now I'm in:

Kansas! I'm back home for my cousin's wedding. I'm about to head over to Uncle John's for a bbq, so that's all for now!