Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Congrats to my cousin Alissa and Richie! They were married on September 8th!
I just finished burning the dvd of their wedding for them. Well, I still have to design a dvd box cover and dvd label... but soon Cousin, you'll have your wedding documentary! Yes, I said documentary. I tend to get a little carried away. :)

I had such a great trip back home. Here I am with my cousins, Charlotte, Ryann, and Jana. At one point I was talking with Charlotte and I started to tell her about my neices coming over for a sleep over:

Charlotte: Yes, I know.

Angie: You know?

Charlotte: Yeah, it was on your blog.

I forget some people actually read this thing! haha. Next time I see Charlotte I plan on telling her all about the time I blogged about me telling her a story she already read about on my blog-- and then I'm going to blog about it. :D


And of course it was great to see my parental units again!


My brother turned 28 while I was home. Happy birthday John!! And no, I didn't just get him florescent light bulbs (hey, those are a great gift!). I also bought him:


Firefly and Serenity! I turned him into a big Firefly fan like me. We both avoided the show for the same reasons when it was on-- the twangy cowboy music. haha. It's a fantastically written show though. It's a shame it was cancelled so soon!

John and Olivia just moved into their new home! Their living room resembles the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D bridge!

Oh, and Newman sat on my lap--which, apparently, does not happen to anybody--EVER. Hello, Newman!
Another trip highlight-- the most incredibly awesome BBQ EVER at Uncle John's!
I cannot even begin to describe to you how delicious the ribs were. Songs will be sung of those ribs.
I got to meet the newest additions to our family! Here is one of Sara's newborn twins! I think this is LJ, but there is a 50% chance of it being AJ. :) Keep the pictures coming, Cuz!


This is Logan, Jana and Billy's son! He's 4, but I hadn't met him until now. My Dad loves to kid Logan. At the reception, Dad asked him if he wanted to dance. "NO!!". haha, he's a cutie. Jana, I'll be sending you a dvd very soon.

I'm being sent out of town for work tomorrow. I won't be back until Monday! Viva Las Vegas!



cousin alissa said...

It was so good to see you!!! Thank you SO MUCH for doing the video--can't wait to see it:)

I'ma gonna go eat a glorious banana now;)

AMO said...