Friday, August 24, 2007


As Johnny D pointed out in the comments section of the last post, it's been a while since I've blogged. Almost a month has gone by. Why haven't I blogged? Well, not because it's been an uneventful month. I think because it's been TOO eventful. With so much to blog about it almost seems like a chore. You know, I've seen so many old friends and so many visits with family, I wouldn't want to leave anybody out. But I've decided...I'm leaving some of you out! ;) You know I love ya, but if I blogged about every single one of you I'd be here all week.

So, why is Alexander Grahm Bell at the top of this blog? Have I spent the last month celebrating the invention of the telefono? Not exactly, but close! Well, ok, not even close. But let's start with:


Uhm, wrong Alexander. Let's try this again:

ALEXANDER! Alex is the little guy in the middle, along with Dad, Chris, and Mom, Julie. These are our friends in Columbus, OH. Yes, we went to Ohio for a week. I think one of the funniest moments of the trip happened here with little Alex. It was his bed time, and Julie said:
JULIE: Alex, are you ready for some milk?
ALEX: Milk! Milk!
Julie opens the fridge and--
JULIE: Oh no, Chris, we're out of milk.
Alex's eyes go wide.
ALEX: Miiiiiiiiiilk? Miiiiiiiiilk! MIIIIIIIIIILK!!
The baby is crying and repeating Milk. Milk. Milk. Milk. Milk. Milk.
Julie: Ok, I'm going to goto the store and get you milk.
Chris: Dave, Angie, I have to go do 'X', Would you watch Alex for a minute.
Yeah. Dave and I know absolutely nothing about kids. Now we have 2 year old standing before us, balling his eyes out, saying


Must. Improvise. Must. Find. Way. To. Make. Happy. I spot the small American flag Alex was playing with earlier. I grab it, begin waving it around, and belt out my best "Stars and Stripes Forever". Dave joins in with some percussion and woodwinds.
Angie and Dave: Do doo do do doo do do doooo...
We perform this elaborate John Phillip Sousa routine. It's working! Alex is stunned in to silence, his little mind trying to wrap around this bizzarre turn of events.
Finally, the grand finale with cymbol crashes and all!! We were so into the routing we're a little out of breath. There is a beat of silence....

Alex:........Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilk? Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilk!

I know this is so wrong, but the comedic timing was so perfect, Dave and I burst into laughter. This is, of course, when Chris walked back in. He walked in to find his son crying his eyes out and us crying with laughter. Yup, we're going to be outstanding parents some day. :)


The primary reason for the Ohio trip was to attend the Graham's wedding.

Dave was the best man!


Prior to going to Ohio, we were in San Francisco for Christine and Bevan Bell's wedding! We know Christine from when we worked in Vegas.

In fact, many we knew from Vegas was there! We made so many awesome, lifelong friends during our 3 years there. The last time we saw them all was 2 years ago-- at our own wedding! The gang now has to travel from all over the country to get together.

Ha, for this picture I said "hey, everybody look off in a different direction". 3 our of the 5 of us looked in the exact same direction. hehe. Guess that needed more planning. Oh yeah, and summertime in San Fran was chilly as usual!! But wow, was the Boba tea delicious!

Turned out Christines father is Captain Picard. That was really cool! (I stole that bit from her. I know, I know, I'm a 'bit stealer')

Now that we live in LA, I imagine we'll see these guys more often! Many of the Vegas mafia ended up in San Francisco.

Of course, my Panda buddy lives in Phoenix, but she may be in LA soon for a visit! And no, I never explained 'Panda buddy' at any point on this blog. I'll save that story for Cara's visit. :)

Check out my photog tan. It's not just for farmers, ya know. We loved seeing you all again!! I hope somebody in our group gets married again soon! All I can say is:

A couple other bits of news. My Stargate video won 2nd place. I'll show you all what I won when it arrives!

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I shot my brother-in-laws short. I have pictures on my phone (crappy quality) but haven't sent them to flickr yet. I'm real proud of him! He was a fine director and the shoot went great.

One more funny Ohio story. Well, I'm not going to really tell a full blown story here. I don't think I need to. All I need to do is explain who is in the following picture:

Left to Right: My husbands ex-girlfriend from college, Ronni, her son, Aiden, my husband, Dave, my husbands ex-girlfriend from college's gay ex-husband who is the father of her son and former roomate of my husband, Chris. haha, they were a lot of fun, it's just weird to explain who we spent the day with. lol.

Aiden is a doll! He loved me. hehe.

Okay, I have to go. I finished my cousin's reception video for her upcoming wedding and need to mail it to her. Yes, I have another wedding to go to! I'm soooo looking forward to going home to Kansas and seeing everybody!