Sunday, May 07, 2006

Here's a picture of me blogging about me taking a picture of me blogging. Did I totally blow your mind?

I'm still at work killing time between the 10 and the 11. I'm on Ft. Lauderdale beach where the Air and Sea show wrapped up tonight.

It was a beautiful day out! Nothing but sunshine, swaying palms, stealth bombers and hundreds of thousands of people (organizers say millions, but I'm not so sure bout that). It was a tad warm at 90 degrees however. After working very hard shooting our pkg for the early show, I realized I was starving! The food was a miles away (so it seemed) and I figured I'd burn up any energy I'd get from a crappy hotdog just walking all that way and back to get it. Then I looked down on the ground-- and I kid you not-- there was a large unopened bag of fat free Ruffles. Finders keepers! So crispy! So delicious! I'm sure I'll pay for the olestra later. The chips also made me a hero to the photogs out covering the show in the blistering heat too busy to grab food. "Thank you for bringing the chips, Angie! We owe you!". I told them I just found them laying around on the ground. "Haha! Right! Thanks again!". Hmm. Chips story wasn't really that interesting... oh well. At least the beginning of the blog totally blew your minds! Gotta go do my live shot!