Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I've been crazy busy this month. So many projects, so little time!

Here's Hartman helping me edit the Key West portion of my station's hurricane special: "Tighten that up a few frames." "I think we can cut that soundbite." "No, not like that! *HISS*!"
She's my little furry micro manager! :)

It's nice that I am able to edit these projects at home. At work, I always get bumped from the final cut bays for day turn stuff. I get it done much quicker at home! Even with buggy Adobe Premeire Pro 2.0. Check out the cool keyboard my brother got us! The shuttle lags, but the jog is my best friend! Thanks lil brother!

Here I am in Key West taking a coconut milk break! I loooove Key West. As soon as we arrived in town, some random guy on a bike cracked open a coconut and gave it to me in exchange for being in my 'movie'. While the coconut was quite refreshing, I'm afraid he didn't make the cut. Hey, don't blame me coconut man, it was Hartman's call!
We caught up with 'the chicken lady' again! Here's the story: August 2004-- Hurricane Charley is churning towards the gulf-- the station sends Dave and me to Key West. We are supposed to be in the 5pm news for a hurricane preps sidebar. We don't arrive into town until 3:30ish! We didn't know Key West back then. We knew we were in a situation where you just have to pick something--anything--shoot it and get it on! Low and behold, we pull into town and immediately spot a lady chasing and scooping up chickens on Duval st! She was protecting the chickens from the hurricane! Pure gold. We always wished we had more time to make that piece shine. She's a fantastic person and if you're ever in Key West you should definately stop by and 'hi' at The Chicken Store. Maybe even adopt a chick! No, seriously!
It's been a while since I've blogged so I have to catch you all up! This is very exciting news here! Dave and I were shooting in Orlando a couple of weeks ago and found a Buffalo Wild Wings! We stopped there for lunch. We used to hang out at BW3's all the time in Vegas. We loved playing the trivia game. Dave's head if chock full o' useless trivia and should seriously be on Jeopardy. But on this day, all the planets alligned, the moon was full, the wings were extra hot and I WON THE TRIVIA GAME! Woo!
Remeber all that about how all the planets were alligned, moon full and wings were extra hot? There was one other side effect to this cosmic oddity... Sister-in-law Pam was in Orlando the same day giving a seminar! We were able to spend a couple of hours together that evening! It was a pretty darn good day! :) That's not the first time something like this has happened. Last year when I was in NYC for a shoot I learned while I was there (and I was only there for one night) that my Father-in-law, who plays in the Cleveland Orchestra, was going to be performing at Carnegie Hall! It was his last night! And get this, my hotel was directly across the street from Carnegie Hall. I saw the Orchestra and then Marty and I went out for Pizza afterwards!

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SassyJill said...

Ok, totally jealous that A: You have your own editing equipment at home. and B: Ohhhh, I want, I want.. that keyboard looks like a dream, a SHUTTLE!! I'm drooling over here.

I'll have to check out that PKG, looks really awesome.

P.S. Not sure cat fur is good for the deck but hey, two minds are better than one (even if it's feline) ^_^*