Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Here's some cool news. It appears that the piece Dave and I did about the new CBS4 Always On website was shown at NAB! I found this on a website:

"From NAB: Illustrating The CBS Online O&O Push [by Staci]
Last week, I mentioned looking for a link to a striking promo video from aired at NAB. The video shows tech reporter Dave Malkoff explaining the various ways CBS4 is “Always ON.” It also illustrates the company-wide push into digital by CBS and the efforts to move it to the most local levels. Chris Krewson, the mutimedia editor for the Morning Call, found
the link so he could share it around his newsroom. Actually, Krewson’s very attendance at RTNDA @ NAB stands out; he was there to better learn how to program a news site for today. I think we agree with the increased emphasis on video, any paper serious about its online operations should consider following suit. Text, audio, video — no news outlet can afford to focus on just one of the three anymore. CBS has figured that out.Related: @ NAB: RTNDA: On-Demand News Still At The BeginningThe NAB coverage is sponsored by Javien."

Pretty cool, huh! It's a great to know our hard work is paying off. What they probably didn't know while watching the story at NAB, and what I'm about to tell you because, hey, it's my blog, was that from concept to completion it was just Dave and me! We spent a total of 30 hours shooting and editing this monster. It took so long because we were doing effects we had never attempted before(no pressure!) AND Dave did ALL of the graphics. We had to do the whole thing on our weekend because the news beast was so very hungry all week.

I've linked to the pkg before, so some of you may have seen it already, If not, here is the link. Our story was also mentioned in an industry newsletter. I don't have a copy of it, but it said that 'CBS has figured out how to drive people to the web' and good stuff like that.

Okay, I'll stop with the back patting now. :) Below is a post that is new as well! Read on!

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