Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy 9th Birthday, Hartman!!
I adopted Hartman from the SE Kansas humane society 9 years ago! It took some time for me to decide who to adopt. Then I saw this frightened little kitten, cowering and shaking in her cage with ears way to big for her lil head. I didn't stand a chance! This is the earliest photo I have of her taken in the summer of 1997. She did eventually grow into those ears! :)


ewink said...

Happy birthday!

I have a tuna and choclate cake for ya, kitty!

Anonymous said...

ANGIE! Hello from beautiful Doiwntown Bakersfield! I just found your blog. You've doen amazing things.. I remember you as the "green" kid Kevin brought in from Kansas. Glad to see you're doing so great. Amazing! Don Martin (Formerly w/u at KBAK)
* Remember that 9 hour drive in traffic to the Emmys in San Diego?