Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yesterday was our day off! Yay! And what do normal, childless, 30 year olds do on their days off? They goto a jungle full of monkeys, of course! Yes, we drove down to Homestead and experienced Monkey Jungle: "Where the humans are caged and the monkeys run free!". Right away I discovered the flaw in that... You see... when monkeys are roaming free... and you're in a cage... well... This puts you at a serious disadvantage... Let's just say, the tops of the cages should be covered to prevent... accidents. Meet exhibit 'A' on the left. This young man was standing right next to me, gleefully feeding raisins and cranberries to oh-so-hungry monkeys... Then, it happened. I heard a yelp--I turned-- and saw a river o' pee streaming down from the top of the cage on this poor kids head. From that point forward, this was not happy, fuzzy playtime with the monkeys-- this, was war. Okay, more like dodgeball. The next victim was an old man. He wasn't laughing about it though so we didn't take a picture of him. Though we did laugh at him (no we didn't. well maybe. no, we really didn't). We have a saying in the land of television photojournalism: Look Up and Live. Indeed.
We had fun dodging monkey feces, and then moved on to our next great adventure:
THE BEST STRAWBERRIES ON EARTH! No kidding, I never knew strawberries could taste so good! They come fresh from Burr's Strawberry Farm in Homestead just about a mile from the screaming, peeing monkeys. If you want to know why farm fresh berries taste so much better than those genetically engineered hacks at the supermarket... follow THIS LINK I got from my friends Aaron and Kim today. You'll be glad you did. It's so well done and rivals in hillarity a kid getting peed on by a monkey. ;)
In other news... Col. Corn has totally busted me regarding the name of my kittycat, Hartman. Yes, I named my cat after CBS's Steve Hartman. What? That is totally NOT wierd! :) I've been a big Hartman fan for 10 years now. He and his photographer, Les Rose, are amazing storytellers and have been an inspiration to me. You should check out their work online.
Can you see the resemblence? What do you mean you see a restraining order? ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey I saw Gus Gorilla in one of those pics!

Colonel Corn's Camera said...

I knew it. If you get another cat are you going to name it Les? Thanks for link.