Thursday, February 02, 2006

Just when you thought I couldn't get any weirder... The photo on the left is a photo of the photo I keep in my newscar. And no, you're not seeing things. It is indeed my cat, Hartman,-- with a stack of pancakes on her head. It's a great conversation piece I must say. Yesterday I had a co-worker from the other end of the building (which means we've never met) in the car. We were having the ususal get to know you type conversation... but I could tell his eyes kept averting to that fluffy golden stack of buttermilk goodness. I meant to explain... but the conversation kept turning corners and I never did get around to telling him why I have a picture of my cat with pancakes on her head in the visor of my newscar. Who knows what strange rumors are now being whispered in the unknown "other end of the building"! (I'm kidding). So, you may be wondering: "Uh,... why DO you have a picture of your cat with pancakes on her head?". Some of you may already know. For those who don't... first of all, the pancakes are not real. I always reveal that... eventually. :) They were photoshopped in. So, now you may be asking "Uh,.... why DO YOU HAVE A PICTURE OF YOUR CAT WITH PANCAKES ON HER HEAD??". Alright! Alright! Calm down. Sheesh. Have you ever heard of Oolong the rabbit? Oolong was a rabbit from Japan. His owner did actually put pancakes on his head and posted photos of his beloved pet on the internet a few years ago. Oolong was all the rage back when I worked in Vegas... certain circles anyway... I have had a picture of Hartman with a pancake on her head in my newscar for the past 5 years. The above is version 2.0. :)

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