Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The alarm went off this morning at sunrise. The birds were singing their morning song. Golden sunlight bathed the room, interupted only by the passing clouds. I gazed out the window to take in the beautiful sunrise over the Florida mountains.... wait a minute... Florida mountains? This is pretty much the only state flatter than Kansas. I must be dreaming still. *eyes open* Hey, that's not golden sunlight blinking in the room!!!! IT'S------

Dave's life clock was flashing red! Tomorrow is Dave's 30th birthday!

Needless to say we spent the entire day RUNNING from sandmen!!

We totally outsmarted the sandmen. Where's the last place on city they would think to look for a runner? At Carousel of course! So we cheered on the 30 year olds about to get blown to bits--er get 'renewed'... but we knew we had to do something or the Sandmen would eventually find us... Then, we saw him:

It's the kid who got peed on by monkey's last week (see the February 22nd entry)! So we took his life clock and then went out to dinner. Guess the little guy had a better week last week. If it makes you feel any better, kid, the restaurant we went to was sub par.

None of you got any of that, did you.

Moving on... :)

Here's part 3 of our Burning Man documentary! In part 3 you'll see the little (massive) dust storm we went through. Dave said he still felt like he had sand in his lungs years later.



Bluedog Photog said...

Dust into everything... all I could think of was your camera. How'd you survive that? And, what were your accomodations while there? Again, great job.

AMO said...

My camera survived the same way it survives hurricanes now! First layer is rain gear. Second layer is a trash bag taped tightly around it with holes to get my hands where they need to be. We had dust masks, but Dave needed to take his off to do standups. As for accomodations, we decided we should camp out like everybody else who attends to really get the full experience. We did live shots on the last day and Dave's hair looked gray from all the dust!

Anonymous said...

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