Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hartman had an exciting adventure this morning exploring the great unknown (new back yard)!

This is the same look I get from people when I'm shooting some crazy angle at work. :)

I had to wipe the spiderwebs from her lil face when it was time to go back in.

On top of the world!

TheDanielLyon will now be enjoying his RedVines across town at Channel 7. I hear it's the only shop in town with Mr. Pibb. See you in the field, Danny!

Not much to blog about lately... The most exciting thing I've done is shoot myself brushing my teeth (sans toothpaste) for a med story that went out on the CBS Newspath feed. See, told you it's been slow. I'm sure you don't want to hear about how taking a shower the other day cause water to spew up from the bottom of our toilet flooding the bathroom and half the bedroom and now the carpet has smelly mold growing under it.... Didn't think so... Uhm..Anybody know how to solve that mold problem?

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