Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Breaking News: Worlds Collide!! Hartman VS Heathcliff Luckily Heathcliff was more of a scaredy cat than Hartman. If Heathcliff only knew that Hartman's attack would have amounted to being lightly tapped with cotton puffs-- things may have gone differently. Hartman successfully defended her territory with her ferocious roar.


AmyM said...

"lightly tapped with cotton puffs" - hee hee!

Weaver said...

We got a Himalayan a month ago and she hid under the headboard of our bed for the first two weeks. Our indoor dog sniffed her out and poked his nose up under there and got the 'Cotton Balls' to the nose. He doesn't bother her now when she scoots by him in the living room.

Colonel Corn's Camera said...

Is your cat named after Steve Hartman? You are right, I do need to write more about my time in the Middle East. I kept a journal everyday while I was there so I have my time well documented. You have inspired me to try a little harder to find time in my overworked, family man life to take up the pen. Thanks.

As far as your natpkg, it just goes to show how subjective the contest can be. I know all the folks that posted and had they judged your story, you might have faired better. There isn't a yard stick for all of our work to be put up against. What we do is art, right? What you did is fine art and if you loved what you did than who cares what some else thinks. Is a sheet of fancy paper going to make you love your story more or less? Contest are good for resumes and nothing else.

Keep up the good work and I hope to see much more of your fine art here.

AMO said...

Thanks for the kind words, colonel. I really look forward to reading about your Middle East trip. That's so great that you kept a journal! I hope you find the time to write soon.
Take care!