Thursday, February 09, 2006

Here's a pic of me and 'Cool B' in 1999. 'Cool B' always leaves me comments on my blog so she gets her very own post. ;) I'm super excited about her trip to Miami in March. I'm sure I'll see wierd parts of Florida I never would have seen if she hadn't come for a visit!
My cool sister-in-laws are visiting in March as well! Plus, stay tuned for a special blog entry on Feb 28th!


Rad said...

It seems lots of photogs have been bringing out the old photos lately. I guess that come in cycles. One thing I love about this business is we all seem to keep those old photos around.

AMO said...

I bet the cycles come every February, May, July and November. ;)

Cool B said...

Wow! My own posting...I feel even more "cool"!