Monday, November 28, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I was able to make the trek to Youngstown, Ohio with Dave for the holiday. My Sister-in-Law Amy and I made artichoke and mushroom quiche! It was soooooo gooooood! Thank you Amy for making the quiche happen! And if any of my thousands of readers out there would like to make the artichoke and mushroom quiche, I highly reccomend multiplying the green onions 10 fold. :)

As you can see on the right, the family (namely Dave and Michael) set up an internet cafe in the Malkoff family room. One popular usage-- to take picture of family member 'X', distort it with photoshop, post on flickr, show to other family members, commence laughter:

The first 2 pics are of my adorable (they are adorable when not photoshop-warped. hehe) nieces, Cydney and Sawyer. The last pic is of "Panic Dan"! Daniel jumped behind photos all evening making his panic face. Classic! Minutes after posting this picture on the internet, somebody from Greece marked it as one of his favorite pictures. Therefore, Panic Dan has been dubbed "Paniclis" the Greek God of Panic.

Thanksgiving dinner was fabulous! And as you can see in the picture on the right, there was enough coffee creamer for all!

The day after Thanksgiving was Dave's high school reunion! I don't want to embarrass him, but--well, okay, let's embarrass him... The first thing out of nearly everybody's mouth was "Dave! I saw you on the weather channel!" or "I saw you in the hurricane!". It was great fun!


Ronni said...

So many people tell me that.

Person: Hey, guess who I saw on the Weather Channel?

Me: Dave Malkoff

Person: Yeah! It was so cool! :)

AmyM said...

Ah, the creamer. Enough to last till the next apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

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