Thursday, December 01, 2005

Guadalupe LeChuga! There's only one of you out there who will get that reference. Should I let everybody else in on it?... nah. :) Its relationship is indirect to the above photo, anyway. Not to mention the story of Guadalupe LeChuga loses something in translation.
The picture you see is of a Christmas card that my friend 'Muno' and I have been passing back and forth every year since 1994. Inside is like a time capsule. We've written short notes, holiday greetings and a 'PS: send this card back next year' for 11 years now. I just wrote my 2005 entry tonight!


Weaver said...

Hey Angie,
Dave Sent me an email to joint the Flickr TV News Group and I stumbled upon your blog.(and joined the TV News Group)

Welcome to what you may have heard called the Photograblogosphere.(or not)

If you haven't heard that then check out my blog... but really check out Lenslinger's blog, for he's the Blogfather of TV Photog Blogging at

My name is Chris Weaver and I am at WGHP in High Point, NC, where Julie Luck came cross country from KRON to be our 5 and 6 co-anchor.

Anyway, cool blog.... and all Dave's stuff looks great too!

AMO said...

Hi Chris, I'll be sure and join the Photograblogosphere and check out your site. Tell Julie I said hi!!