Thursday, December 15, 2005

See this photo on the left? THAT is what was in my Final Cut Pro edit bay this week! I'm glad I have photographic proof of this, because what I'm about to reveal-- you will not likely believe... There is an anomaly causing a space-time differential in Final Cut bay 5. I went in there early in the morning... Then after what felt like a couple of hours of editing, I left the room-- only to find the day shift had long since gone home! Time was moving at a slower rate inside the edit bay! Could this be why people always say I look so young? Could it be it's because I AM younger due to this anomaly in my bay? I think next time somebody tells me I look to young to be doing this job I will simply explain. :)
So Dave and I have been working like crazy on a project the past 3 days. We even broke out our jib! It's just a story about our new station website... but we were told they wanted us to do something creative... We came up with this. It was sooooo much work!

Yes, the rumors are true. The owner of our townhome has decided to sell. I counted all the change in our ugly brown ceramic bowl, but it wasn't quite enough to satisfy the Miami housing bubble... so, we are moving.
Let me tell you, it's not easy to find a new place to rent when you are dealing with a tear in the space-time continuum either. But we found time to check out a place and decided to take it. It has this super cool 1970s wall radio in the kitchen that still works. I dig it! I detest moving. We really love the place we're in right now. It's totally 'us'. But I'm sure once Mr. Tuvok is put up in the guest bathroom it will feel like home.

Click on Mr. Tuvok to read what he says in the bubble. It's printed backwards on the wall so it looks right in the mirror. This is what our guest see when they look up in the mirror while doing their business. ha. And yeah... those are autographs on the carboard Vulcan... There's a story for every one of them... but I think we've discussed Mr. T enough for one day. Imagine if you were reading this blog in Final Cut bay 5? It could take centuries.

One last note though: The color bars on the wall is oil on canvas painted by Mr. Malkoff.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I would mind mr. tuvoc watching me poop or not. good luck with your move

(via amy your sister in law, and i stalk your husband on too).

CJ said...


Dave found me on Flickr and I found your blog from Lenslinger

As another female photog I have to say I get the "is that heavy?" question ALL THE TIME.

That was a very creative way to present the website. It was really fun to watch. Nice job.

I also find your cat adorable.

Keep up the fun blog!

Weaver said...

Really Nice Job on the Website Story. Cool Effects. I just wish our ownership would step up with our WebSite. Ugghhh!

Chris Weaver