Monday, December 19, 2005

Some bits and pieces from the past couple days...

Dave and I went to see the King Tut exhibit at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale today. It was awesome! We couldn't believe how many people were there. You had to stand forever in line just to get to another line which was the line to get in line. But it was worth it!

See the dorky "sunglasses"? I had my eyes checked today because I haven't had them checked since highschool. No problems. Still have 20/20 vision. But they dialated my eyes!! I wasn't expecting that. So I had to go out in some lovely film and cardboard makeshift sunglasses (a cousin of the lovely red and blue 3D glasses) from the doc. Niiiice.
At least it's my day off and I didn't try to sneak this in before a shift at work because my back focus was way outta wack.

Last night at work my reporter and I were on our way to a story... Yes, the story happened a block away from Sesame Street! As we realized we were turning on Sesame Street, we both burst into song singing "Suuuunny days...". Fun little moment. Awe, ya had to be there!

Here I am waiting for our 11pm newscast... It's football season so it goes on late quite a bit. The other day a guy came up to me and asked "Are you operating the live truck?" "Yes". "But... who drives it?". Oh dear. "Uhm, I do." He still seems confused and he points to my reporter "Why don't you just have him drive it?". I couldn't help but chuckle a bit and said "Why would I have him drive it?". Then, and you may not believe this part (and you shouldn't), but smoke started coming out of his ears, sparks started flying out of his eyes and nose and he kept shouting in a robotic voice "DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUTE!" and then his head exploded right then and there! It's not the first time I've heard some variation of this. I've been doing this for 10 years now, so it's not often I hear something new. One of my reporter friends told me I should start documenting them and write a book someday or make it into a movie. ha. And don't worry, I have a sense of humor about the comments. They've never upset me in the least. In fact, it's amusing. So I think I'll share my amusement with my millions of readers. ;p

Actually, I did experience a new on just a couple weeks ago. I was at a fire and a stringer came up to me and said "that camera is too heavy for you. let me carry it" and nearly grabbed it from me! I said thanks but no thanks. I've had the general public try and do that from time to time, but never someone in our field. Now, if you're a reporter and you offer to carry the tripod-- go for it! But, and I'm sure any photog who might read this will agree, nobody else carries the camera. The lame line I give to the public when they try to take the camera is "oh, this camera is worth more than me so I better hang on to it. haha.". I didn't know what to say to the stringer, other than 'thanks, but I've got it.'.

My Dad retired on Friday after working as a Supervisor at the SRS in P-burg Kansas for 37 years! His office threw him a surprise party. I know, I've totally burried the lead on this blog entry! Happy retirement, Dad!!

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Anonymous said...

The glasses are way sexy and hot. I have had those too. I feel like I'm maybe 90 when I wear them.

I love how you handle the sexist, ageist jerkbags who approach you. I'm glad someone had their head explode.

Keep carryin' the camera. You rule!