Monday, November 14, 2005


Welcome to my blog! The blog to end all--er--no other blogs... but hey, you might just like it. First I would like to thank my creative husband for coming up with the coolest web address possible: I'll never verbally give out my blog address without a confusing conversation. :D _./

As some of you may know... People often mistake me to be a bit younger than I am. Whether it's getting carded to get into a rated 'R' movie, asked if I am an intern while working (with an intern), or asked to show my student hall pass when shooting a story at a highschool (okay, okay, it was a middle school, but let's not embarrass me too much on my first blog entry). All throughout my 20s I believed "well, once I reach my 30s I will miss hearing how young I look".

Yesterday was an awesome day at work. Actually I guess the entire week was, I'm sure, to people who don't work in the biz, not believable. Who actually shows up to work to find themselves standing in Shaquille O'neill's front yard with a couple of live Camels? One of which is drooling snot all over your entertainment reporter's shoulder on live tv? I'm going to have to get a camera phone.

Back to yesterday. I arrive to work at noon and am informed that later in the day I will be covering a book fair. The info is in my box. Whatever, right? So I check out what's in my box. It says: Interview with CBS's Mike Wallace at 630pm. MIKE WALLACE! He's here at the Miami book fair to talk about his new book . Why, why, why don't I own a camera phone? I do, however, own a nice new digital camera. I decided to bring it to the interview and if it felt alright I would ask to get my picture with him. Turns out, Mike is a super cool guy:

So here I am. Standing side by side with Mike Wallace. We're about to get our pictures taken. Mike whispers to me, "How old are you?". "I'm 30.", I reply. "YOU'RE WHAT?!" **snap** goes the camera.
"You look like you're 12!".

Well, when I'm in my 40s I will miss hearing how young I look.

As I was driving back to the station to bring back the Wallace interview, the desk asks me if I "would like to shoot the U2 concert". Uhm, let me check...

Get a load of the gigantic press pass! And who the heck is Frances? The first 30 seconds of the first 3 songs rocked! _./


Ronni said...

I'm linking you.

My journal is

pdxreporter said...

is that thing heavy? what a great title and what a stupid question...yet it's heard almost daily. amo it's been fun looking at all the hurricane pictures. in portland, oregon the closest I've come to a hurricane was a storm at the coast that was supposed to carry 70mph winds. with my trusty wind gauge, i clocked 27...and i think that was a hoax. hope you and gilbert are doing well.. burton

AMO said...

Burton, whenever I think of you I remember that night at the Taco Bell trying to scrounge up change in the car... hehehe

aught1 said...

i love you angie and miss you so much. come to kron and be a v.j.