Friday, November 18, 2005

Sona Mobile is going to release a Star Trek Communicator phone!!!

I know I was going to get a camera phone... and I know the phone I have now is so crappy it doesn't even ring half the time and sends you straight to voicemail and then never tells me if you leave a voice mail... but if you can bare with me for a while longer, I could have Commander Worf announce I have an incoming transmission in the middle of a press conference. I don't think I can pass that up!

I found out yesterday that I can have Thanksgiving off!! You see, our November ratings were cancelled because of hurricane Wilma.

So Youngstown, Ohio, here I come! Dave's family always has a million people over for turkey day. I wonder if Amy is bringing Artichoke quiche again? *hint* *hint* :)

One last bit of news: I think it's time to make another movie. Don't worry Vegas friends, I'm not going to ask you to fly out here, dress up as StarTrek characters (or worse) and walk around South Beach... but look out Miami friends! I worked out a basic outline last night and will start writing soon.

Oh, and by the way.. Tropical Depression 27 didn't turn into Gamma. It fizzled out. Unfortunately, they believe another one is getting organized. Hopefully it won't ruin Thanksgiving!


AmyM said...

I can't believe I had to make it look like I have a blog in order to comment - sheesh!

I'm so glad you're coming - yay! I could make that quiche again. Must find recipe...I also wanted to make deviled eggs because that's something I'd never make for myself but I love them.

AMO said...

Yay!! I've been thinking about that quiche all year! If Gamma comes between me and the quiche... hurricane Angie may just form. :D

But if you can't find the recipe or what not, don't worry bout it! I like deviled eggs too! :)