Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Not only has Stargate SG-1 been renewed for a 10th season-- but the entire cast has been re-signed! There were rumors of Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson) not re-signing and of Amanda Tapping (Col. Sam Carter) having not been approached to renew. Not true! I know you are all relieved. Plus they have added Claudia Black, who plays Vala, as a full time cast memeber for season 10. Stargate SG-1 is now the longest running sci-fi show in US history! The title used to belong to the X-files which ran 9 seasons.
The second half of season 9 starts Jan 6th on the sci-fi channel!

What?...why are you all shaking your heads?...

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Gus Gorilla said...

Great news for those of us in "The Jungle". Nothing like a good banana while watching Stargate SG-1!