Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wow, it's a beautiful day here today! It's finally time for our few months of paradise! Sunny, 70s with a slight breeze. I'd say we've earned it after a summer of this:

This is Dave and me in Gulfport, Mississippi with the Miami urban search and rescue team. They were nice enough to let us sleep in a tent with them instead of sleeping in our car. They also fed us well! (not that our military rations aren't mighty tasty).
In the morning we shot them recovering bodies. Then we made our way down to New Orleans.

All that was left of many coastal homes was the foundation.

It was hot out there. I had to edit outside (no room in the car and the sat truck was packed) so I covered the car with blankets and raincoats and ran the a/c to try keep cool.

It didn't cool off much at night so you can imagine sleeping in the car was loads of fun! Not to mention once we made it to New Orleans, gas was precious so we couldn't always run the air.

And to top it off, this dead shark washed up right where we were sleeping. Didn't smell so nice!

I know technically there's a week left in hurricane season. But Gamma fizzled out. I'd say it's over! We have pictures of Dennis, Rita, Katrina, Wilma and almost Gamma on Flikr.

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