Thursday, January 26, 2006

"You can paint that house a rainbow of colors, rip out the floorboards, replace the shutters, but that's my plastic in the dirt." --John Mayer, 1983

The picture is from 1981, but everytime I see it that John Mayer song, 1983, runs through my head. This is my brother and me playing in our backyard in Kansas. Usually we would just work on digging our hole to China (never did finish the darn thing) or search for burried treasure (found that. of course "treasure" is defined differently when you're 6). For some reason I told him the dirt was makeup and it was extremely important that I put it on him. Soon, he had a mud mask from head to toe. After thoroughly enjoying myself, I then worried I might get in trouble for getting my brother so dirty. So I smeared some mud on myself, too. Dad came outside and asked incredulously "what are you doing!?" and then proceeded to laugh. Mom and Dad were cracking up and took this picture. Anyway, that's the way I remember it. :) Oh, and, uhm, sorry bout that little brother!

Time for me to continue catching up on this season of 24! We were moving when the premiere aired and didn't have tivo hooked up. D'oh! But, I watched the first 2 eps last night and WOW!


Smitty said...

You've got some catching up to do with 24. Sit down and enjoy the ride! Jack is SO back!

AMO said...

I'm caught up now! **spoiler** There goes your "Vote for Palmer" tee idea!

Anonymous said...

Now the truth comes out! Brother was right, you set him up!

coolb said...

Yeah, 24 rocks as usual this season. That and Lost are the only shows I watch. Less than two months until I come to Florida and see you!...and Hartman...and Dave (sorry Dave but I've known Hartman longer than I've known you. We go WAY kitty days). ha ha Later!