Thursday, January 12, 2006

Today was an okay day... But yesterday was a GOOD day! We did a story on the General Motors Collision Avoidance System. Why was that fun? Was it because they fed us lunch? Hey, I'm easy to please... Free lunch would make my day. As good as the tuna sandwich, potato salad and fresh fruit was-- the highlight was driving a car straight towards another car while trusting that this handy device will activate the brakes for us. On the left you see this little piece of technology--er--it will be little when it's finished in 5 years anyway---right now, however, it takes up the entire trunk. It can actually take control of your brakes if it deems a crash imminent. As Dave was picking up speed and heading straight for the shiny bumper ahead-- I felt like I was back in drivers ed. *flashback* Suddenly I was back in 1988. I was in the car with Mr. Whathisface and 2 other girls. For me, the nerve wracking part was never so much when I was driving-- as when one of the other 2 girls were. Not that I wasn't nervous... but one of the girls reeeeeally couldn't drive. I remember we were headed down the East side of McKay on past the cemetery when the one girl who could not drive suddenly SLAMMED THE BRAKES AND SCREAMED AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS AND THE OTHER GIRL IN THE CAR SCREAMED AND THE TEACHER WAS GRABBING THE WHEEL THEN--- Finally, the car stopped... She had panicked because there were birds in the road. "Well, i didn't want to hit them!".... Let's just say the teacher made sure that we all understood that birds tend to fly out of the way of vehicles. *back to 2006* Our car kept speeding closer and closer to the other. Dave said he was just a moment away from hitting the brakes, but resisted. The device worked... though I'm sure you all figured that. It would not have been a good day if it hadn't! It waited until the last second it seemed. I guess in the future, cars will drive us around. I think we're a long ways off from that. :)

Later that evening Dave and I had take out. Look! My fortune cookie said you're all going to leave comments on my blog! ;)

So those are the highlights from yesterday. The highlight today? I was working alone and met a guy with the worst plumbers crack in the history of plumber crackage. Yeah. Cookie didn't metion anything bout that.

Here's something for all you Stargate fans out there. And I mean die hard fans. You have to be a die hard fan to get this or find it even slightly amusing! I found the funniest video comparing Stargate to StarWars. Now, and I know there will be some eyerolling here, but I've actually thought about their similar character formula. The person who created this video put waaay more thought in it than me! Enjoy! And remember new Stargates on Friday at 8p and 9p eastern on the SciFi channel! Hallowed are the Ori!


ragperception said...

today is a fortunate day. a messege for you!! I wanted to tell you guys that i still laugh out loud when i view the pictures of you all taste testing the 'holiday pack' of Jones' soda. you guys are funny!!

Rick from Michigan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making it so the videos you post don't play automatically!