Monday, January 23, 2006

We're all moved in to our new place! I'll post pictures of the inside when the inside isn't overflowing with boxes. :)
There was a bit of drama during the move (of course). First, the movers didn't show. So I called the company and they said they would be a couple hours late. I thought that was a bad thing-- until I received the keys to our new pad and walked inside. I was greeted by a myriad of house warming gifts! To the left, meet 'Roachy' the roach. "Welcome home! Be sure and keep the lights down low, roomie!" he said in a squealy voice. To the right you can see "Pee Pee la Floor". Yes, there was dried urine on the floors. "Gross!" I exclaimed. Pee Pee la Floor took offense and made some crack about gaseous clouds around Uranus. Like I've never heard that one before. I'll spare listing you the other cast of characters and just say everything was taken care of, more or less, before the movers showed. Today, 'Mr. Always Running-Toilet' should be replaced.
So, how is Hartman adapting to the new place? She's used to moving. She seems perfectly happy exploring our new home. Then... the neighborhood stray stopped by for a visit... Thus began Hiss Fest 2006! Re-enactment:

As you can see, we no longer have a screened in porch. Heathcliff was able to walk right up to our living room and taunt Hartman. The amount of hissage was unbelievable! It was a hissing tennis match. They hate each other so much they started banging into the glass door, hissing all the while. This has happened 3 times. I may have to invest in a squirt gun... but not before getting this on video first! :)

Now on to work adventures! And this is something you will all find very exciting--- our awesome new chief photog bought me a brand new light kit! Okay, so this is more exciting for me than anybody out there reading about it... I'm moving to special projects starting next week (I do special projects during every ratings period) and I can't wait to put it to good use!

Yesterday, my story stunk. Literally. It was about a pelican named "stinky". He was rescued and taken to Pelican Harbor in Miami. "It's not so much the pelicans than stink as the fish they eat... well...actually it's not so much the fish as the USED fish." said the pelican harbor man with used fish all over his shoulders. There was 'used fish' everywhere you look. Take a look on the left and you'll see even the bushes were white with "used fish". It was worth wallowing in poo though for the chance to do a great feature story. Well, it would have been worth it anyway if we had actually been able to put the story together and have it air. The breaking news gods had other plans. That really stinks.

So we had to wash our hands and head out to the breaker. In case you didn't know:

For real? I found this in a gas station bathroom. Is there is sombody out there who needs these pictures to properly wash their hands? Notice the pictures never show the hands actually making contact with the water. If you know anybody who walks around with soapy hands...

Oh, here's something funny. Remember in my previous entry I mentioned we interviewed a family from Turkey who didn't get the "we all scream for ice cream" saying? Some random guy in a gas station recognized Dave and said "I really liked your story last night. That family from Turkey was great! There's something different about the way you do reports and I really like it.". Sorry if I've embarrassed you, Dave. But I'm proud and it's neat when other people recognize how talented you are. :)


Hartman is bubbling over with cuteness today!


sapphoto said...

Used Fish. I love that. I worked in Tampa/St. Pete for 5 years. I visited the sea bird rescue hospital several times. I've smelled some pretty rotten things in my life(3 kids do that to you), but nothing has turned my stomach more than the smell of used fish from 30+ pelicans and other sea birds. But those places do have great stories in them.

AMO said...

Yeah, you really have to be there to fully appreciate how bad it smells!

canuckcam_old said...

You have to add Sirotan to your stuffed-seals collection!

Those Japanese... they come out with a new "covering" for Sirotan every month or so. They cost me $30 each.. in Japan. Yikes.