Friday, January 27, 2006

See the look on my face? I look like this because A) I took this picture myself with my camera phone and B) because I am editing in Final Cut bay 3. Do not get bay 3 confused with bay 5 which has the tear in the space time continum. Along the wall in bay 3 is where all of our field tapes reside. Everytime I get stuck editing in there, people come in every 5 minutes or so to get a tape. That actually doesn't bother me in the least. Once I get in the zone I wouldn't know it if a 2 ton florescent yellow elephant wearing a fushcia bonnet came in and sucked all the field tapes up through it's trunk. The problem is, everybody who comes in the bay thinks they need to apologize to me for interupting. Sometimes they even knock on the door and say "I'm so sorry!" and then grab the tape they need. I know they are being nice. You see the irony? I wouldn't be interupted if they simply wouldn't apologize for interupting. And the interuption would be doubled if I took the time to politely let everybody who did this know. So I decided to put up a sign:

I know it's blurry (darned 1.7 megapixels and low light), but it says "When entering to grab a tape you won't be disturbing or interupting me so long as you don't knock or say 'sorry for disturbing' me. :) Love, Angie"

I put it up in good humor and the people who know me know that. And, in good humor, this guy here on the left, let's just call him "Lt Col. Garcia of the SGC", knocks and walks in laughing out loud "Oh! SORRY! HAHAHAHHA! I need to grab a tape! HAHA!". He was followed by another fellow photog grabbing field tapes who pulled a similar routine. Oh dear... I'm never editing in bay 3 again! ;) Then there was the other reaction... the people who don't really know me well who really needed to talk to me about graphics or working my days off and so forth. They were walking on egg shells! I signed it with "love" and a smiley! Oh well. So funny. On the plus side of today, I was quite pleased with my final cut pro homage to Sci-fi Friday. My reporter changed a track, and I named the new track, "track: the next generation". Hey, it's the little things... :)

Speaking of the little things... Admit it... Once in a while you all sneak your reflection into your pkg's. :) Okay, I didn't actually use this shot. But it still got some airtime on my blog. :)

And now for a very special blog guest appearance from my friend Eric. I told him I'd put him in my blog... and uhm... here he is! This isn't the photo I took of him today in his bright orange LA County Jail t-shirt. I must remember to hit "save" on my phone after taking a picture.

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Lt. Col. Garcia said...

its all ways an honor to be on ur blog!!!!!!!!!!