Saturday, January 14, 2006

The temperature dropped below 70 again in Miami. You know what that means! I get to do another "cold weather" story!
Wait! Don't stop reading yet! I have a fun story to share. A story behind the story. We shot our pkg at the Art Deco festival on South Beach. After shooting our obligatory dog in a sweater shot (which we tied in nicely to the 'Hot Dog' stand. heh)--we noticed a family eating ice cream. Turns out they were from Turkey. They spoke very good english... but, my reporter and I were about to learn just how American a certain ice cream addage is...
When we do a story like this we always try to have fun with it. Make it different. (though i can't resist shooting the doggy in a sweater everytime). Otherwise, we're just eating up 1:30 of the newscast telling the viewers what they already know from the weather guy. So, to get a fun response from the ice cream eating family from Turkey, my reporter said "I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!". The Turkish Dad then says "Oh, okay," he begins issuing orders to his wife and 2 kids to stand next to him "now stand here and I will count to 3. Then we will scream 'ice cream'. Ready? Okay. 1...2...3... ICE CREAM!!". They took the saying literally. They thought we wanted them to look into the camera and shout 'ice cream!' at the top of their lungs. We thanked them and told them good job. hehe. It was a cute moment. And yes... we put it in our story. :)

Now it's time for Hartman's portion of the blog:

Thanks to Christine for pointing out Hartman's talent for album cover impressions.


Smitty said...

Cute cat.. How do you deal with such frigid temperatures? Gee, whiz!

ewink said...

I think we got a couple of drops of rain today. Rain trumps everything here. They think no one has ever seen it before.

BTW, I am in love with your cat. MEOW!

photogguy said...

Cold! You call "under 70" cold! It's 24 degrees here right now, and we're in the midst of a warm streak!

(ok, for a bit of a disclosure, it is only will get to the thirties today. now that's warm!!!)

christine said...

nice find on the cover of the LP. I had forgotten it was JCB and not GD who had that cover.

rock on hartman, rock on.