Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lots to catch up on! I've been very busy shooting specials for November. I spent a week in Las Vegas where:
Specials producer, Mary, and I were trapped in an elevator! After the doors closed:
Me: Well, at least that's not annoying or anything. (cue laugh track)
Me: I could listen to this all day. (cue laugh track)
While we were attempting to call security, another woman we hadn't noticed before suddenly shouted:
Woman: Oh no, I'm going into labor! (cue laugh track)
Me: Well, I don't know how to deliver a baby!
Baby Olsen Twin: Oh no, Uncle Jesse, what wiwl we dooo! (cue laugh track)
Uncle Jesse: Don't worry, Michelle, I'm here. (pounds on elevator door) Help!! Somebody get us out of here!! (cue laugh track)
Bob Saget: Jesse, we're going to have to deliver the baby ourselves. (cue ooooooooh track)
After 15 harrowing minutes, hotel security opened the doors apart like the Incredible Hulk to find the entire cast of Full House and a newborn baby. (cue applause)
The Salt Vampire and I never saw that ending coming.
Yeah, it looks like you all are in for a strange blog post. lol.
Ok, the following story is completely true, I swear. The guy on the left was a stunt double on every incarnation of Star Trek after the original series. Awesome, huh! Yeah, well, it was cool for me. Haha. He said he was also the stand in for 'Q' on The Next Generation. Then, it happened... I could not remember the name of the actor who played 'Q'. What kind of Star Trek fan am I?. I kept waiting all day for it to come to me... eventually I received an email from my Mother-in-law with the subject line of "John de Lancie". (cue twilight zone music) She was writing because de Lancie is doing some work with the Cleveland Orchestra (which my Father-in-law plays the Bass in). Dude.
Vegas wasn't the only road trip I've been on. This road trip took me down the same path as when I drove from Kansas to Bakersfield, CA 10 years ago. I remember tiny Hartman and I pulled into Dagget, CA for gas...and promptly decided we would drive to the next town for gas!
Dagget, you see, is a hole. A scary hole. It seems pretty much deserted now, but 10 years ago there was actually a gas station here, charging double what gas went for back then, and had the scarriest looking desert characters imaginable hanging around. Buildings were falling apart. Once I saw the wierd looking kid playing Dueling Banjos I decided hey, Barstow's only 10 miles away.
This is all that remains of the gas station. Ah, memories!
I'm afraid I can't blog about why Shari and I drove out that way because the stories I've been shooting won't air for a month. 1010071252.jpg
All I can say is it's been an eventful month so far!! AND Big Bear has a Bowling Barn.
This is Hartman, not the Bowling Barn. To see the Bowling Barn, simply click on Bowling Barn. Well, click on it up there not down here. To see Hartman...just... stay here. Should I be blogging this close to bed time? Computer says no.... :)


beFrank said...

Your salt vampire impression has scarred me for life.

AMO said...

Awesome, my work is done here :)