Saturday, October 13, 2007

Look at what has arrived!:

The autographed Stargate SG1 200th episode script I won last December in an online Stargate video contest!!

It's autographed by all the cast (with 2 exceptions) and all the writers! Woohoo!
There were a few hand written notes on the script, so this was an actual shooting script-- not just a re-print.
Also arriving is the Stargate Atlantis costume I won from the last Stargate video contest! Yeah, it wasn't autographed like they said it would be... but I'm totally over it. Since it's not autographed, I'm going to use it in my next video-- which I just finished writing tonight! I'm really excited about this one. I'm sure you all are too. ;)

My friend, Phillip, who was in my last Stargate video is making some waves:

He did this spoof on the guy who made the recent youtube classic 'Leave Brittney alone!' called 'Leave General Petraeus Alone!'. Now he contributes to Funny or Die!
Phillip Wilburn on MySpace
He was featured on myspace! Oh yeah, and did I mention his video was featured on Countdown with Keith Olberman?
And in another episode of 'Angie's Friends Kicking Butt', our San Francisco friends entered a little contest called the 48 hour film project. When I say little, I mean gigantically huge. It's a national contest and they won the whole thing! And when I say the whole thing, I mean $10,000! Click below to see their winning entry!

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