Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Woohoo! I am officially the first E-Wink Caption Contest winner! Here's my official 'Crappy Trophy'. A few days ago E-Wink posted the following picture for captioning:

My caption: "I know it's big breaking news! I'm driving as fast as I can!"

Thanks, Erin! You should all check out his blog. He works in Vegas, but he started after my time. He's totally into StarTrek and 24 and why didn't you move to vegas years ago, dude?

Speaking of 24...

.....Tony Almeida rocks..... This is a spoiler free website (most of the time) so that's all I'm sayin.


I finally recieved photos of Gary's cats: Princess and Buckles!

Aren't they sweet! That's princess sticking her tongue out. Notice she has a white tipped tail! Buckles (on the flower pot) looks a lot like Hartman...or maybe Princess looks more like Hartman?:


Dave said...

Speaking of Tony, I finally saw the episode!!!
(our cable box died and Angie had to watch it... gasp... off the air, live!!!)

Great TV watchin'... on the computer.

Thank You BitTorrent!!!

Anonymous said...

Angie Moriconi is my favorite photog. She's the Michael Jordan, the Wayne Gretsky, the Shaq, the Dale Earnhart, the Tiger Woods, the Oprah Winfrey of photography.
Go Angie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Shomari Stone, CBS 4 Reporter