Monday, March 13, 2006

Finally, I have some time to blog! Look at me! Don't I look tired? I've been super busy lately. I can't tell you what I did today, though. It's classified. No, really. I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement and therefore if I blog about it-- I get sued. Now you really want to know what I've been up to, huh. :)
Okay, so I can't blog about today, but I have a whole weeks worth of adventures to catch you up on.
So last night my reporter and I pull up to a strip club in our live truck so we can use the night club across the street as a backdrop. As soon as I get out of the truck....IT begins:

Drunk Guy#1: Heeeeeey!
Me: ...Hello.
Drunk Guy#2: Hey so are you the intern?
Me: Yeah, I'm the intern.
Drunk Guy#1: How long have you been interning?
Me: 10 years.
Drunk Guy#1: What???
Drunk Guy#3: You have pretty eyes.
Drunk Guy#2: 10 years!? So like, have you got your degree yet??
Drunk Guy#3: You have pretty eyes.
Drunk Guy#1: When will you graduate??!
Me: It's going to be a long night for me here, isn't it?

That's the best part of this gig-- ya never know where you're going to be on any given day or what nutcase you're going to meet. Though granted, the above characters were not psychos, they were just drunk. If you want psycho you'll have to read on further down.
But first-- on Saturday night I was doing a live shot across the street from a house where somebody was gunned down. We were 3 stories in at 10pm. At 10 straight up--THIS HAPPENED:

The sprinklers went off!! And take a look--these shouldn't even qualify as "sprinklers". These are clearly high powered geysers!

I got nailed! This photo was taken after I'd had some time to dry. Luckily my camera was fine. The geyser mostly hit me and not my $30,000 camera. We made the shot fine, but we had to move quick!

I've been working a lot lately. I'm working though my weekend this week and worked half my weekend the week before and the week before that and the week before that and the week before that... I know when I've been working a bit much because that's when the work dreams start up. The night before the geyser, I had a dream I was driving a live truck in a shopping center at night looking for a place to park for a live shot. I found my spot, but when I pressed the brakes, they didn't work! The brakes not only didn't stop the truck, but in fact, increased it's velocity to upwards of 60 mph. And here's where it get's really good-- There's a cliff at the end of the shopping center parking lot! You know, all those cliffs at the end of shopping centers in Florida? ha. So I decide to abandon ship. Of course, I couldn't get my seat belt to unbuckle. Cliche, I know. I'm dissapointed in my subconcious mind, too. At the last possible second, I was able to free myself and jump out of the truck-- only, I jumped in slow motion and floated through the air and lightly landed on my feet. I'm pretty sure the slo-mo bit was from watching the Stargate SG-1 season finale--twice-- before bed. :) The last 15 minutes of SG-1 was AWESOME!! I wish I had screencaps of the space battle. And now we have to wait til JULY to see the second part!

Okay, I know I promised you psychos. So here it goes. Check out this psycho who just hopped into my truck:

Haha! Just kidding, Harlan. I guess I'll find out if you read my blog. :) Harlan works across town and always hops in the passenger seat of my car to discuss books, movies, near death experiences in Puerto Rico and how I kick his butt at bowling. The day this picture was taken, I was covering a story about people getting sick on a cruise ship. We always go live from Watson Island to cover stories on cruise ships, the Port, and well... whenever you need a nice generic Miami background. The sun had set by the time we wrapped up our live shot. I was parked parallel to the water (you know, media parking). I put up all the gear, hopped in the truck, started the engine, turned on the lights----then some guy pulls up right in front of my truck! I pause, wondering why on earth he is doing this... Then I see he is real angry and cursing at us and trying to shield his eyes from the bright light of my headlights. How bizarre? I determine there is still room for me to squeeze by him and as I pass I get a real nice look at one psychotic piece o'work. My reporter and I laughed and I gave thanks to the blog gods. I wish I had a picture.
This post will have to be continued later.. My chinese food has arrived! :)


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