Friday, March 24, 2006

An exclusive inside look at Angie's exciting Friday night: She's editing a work project! You heard it first, Only on!

As you first heard on 10 seconds ago, Angie editing at home on a Friday night. Now we have an exclusive photo of her reflection in a tv monitor of her death defying edit at home on a Friday night!

BREAKING NEWS: This just in, you heard it first on, Angie home on a Friday night finishing up a special project for work-- SHOCKING details tonight involving tonights edit tonight! An EXCLUSIVE photo from one of our citizen journalists: Angie's cat, Hartman, relaxing on top of the monitor shown to you moments ago. According to sources, Hartman is calling the the shots and editing Angie's package for her. You heard it first on

1 comment:

Ronni said...

Angie, I was home editing too, but a manuscript, not something as cool as a package. :)