Thursday, March 30, 2006

I had a great time with my friend, Nicole, aka"cool b", who was here for a few days! She and I have been great friends since we worked together in Bakersfield back in the day. On our days off we used to hop in my crappy old Ford Aspire or her crappy old Ford Escort, pick a random direction and drive (sometimes to where the streets have no names). Usually we did not have a destination. We had some pretty crazy adventures together! Back then we didn't have cell phones or even maps for that matter. We did have a portable cd player that plugged into our tape deck, though! We loved listening (and singing at the top of our lungs) to our cd's of Alanis, Chumbawamba, Simon and Garfunkel, U2 and Prince. But now it's 2006! We have a GPS, Satellite Radio and cell phones with internet access! "How is it you have all this, but don't have power locks and windows?" Asks Cool B. Yeah, the crappy Ford element is still present! Though it's a newer Focus rather than my old Aspire that didn't seem to even aspire to be a real car. This week we took to the streets again!

We met some interesting characters... His joke wasn't really worth the dollar! :)

We found hard boiled eggs pizza! mmmm!
This sign was funny no matter how many of them we saw.
We did some serious shopping! Nic went a little crazy in the Keys!
She even got a tattoo on her ankle!
We had a fantastic dinner in Key West at sunset!
Here's our waiter CARDING us! Woohoo! We still look under 21! Or, maybe he spotted us laughing at the doggie pooper scooper sign, hard boiled egg pizza, paying a street bum to tell us a dirty joke or---
---witnessed this escapade and thought 'no way are these girls over 20'! (I could go on, but I should stop while we're BEHIND)

The wine was great, but...
Someone had problems eating her lobster pasta. Seriously, how do you eat this?
And thus concludes another cool b adventure. By the way, we sound so much like Alanis Morissette when we sing it's scary!

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