Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tonight is our last night in Miami. Here's some of the people who were a part of our lives out here:

Dave G. has the honor of being one of my all time favorite people in TV news! This guy was going to StarTrek conventions when I was still in diapers! We had many discussions that would likely have most of you shaking your heads. :)
Ralph M. was recently profiled in the Miami Herald! He's into the crazy movie making like Dave and me. It's too bad our schedules conflicted because I think we could have had fun. Ralph also has a last name similar
enough to mine that I often received nextel beeps meant for him. This happened most often during hurricane coverage and Ralph and I were ineveitably working opposite shifts! D'oh! Did you get beeps for me in the middle of sleep time, too? :)

Manny A. will certainly be missed! I can't imagine a reporter having a bad day when working with this guy. If somebody were to follow him around with a camera all day, they would come home with reality show gold. I've blogged about Manny before if you go searching through the archives!
Al S. and I had plenty of undercover adventures together!
Here's the cake they got us for our last day at work! Isn't this nice? Thanks guys! It really meant a lot to us.
Sean K. is a super cool guy. I hope he writes his book about his theories on..well...pretty much everything!
haha, this is a great picture of Lucho D! Whenever my nextel would chirp, there was a good chance it would be this guy on the other end. There was also a good chance it was actually for Ralph M.
Maggie R. anchored the CBS network morning news a couple of Saturdays ago. She was fantastic!! She's also a super sweet person! Someday I'll be able to point to this picture and say 'I knew her when'.
Miguel F. was busy on the phone. This did not, however, prevent me from taking a silly picture with him!
Farah's a sweeeeeetie!
Uhm... I actually don't know who this is. I was giving hugs to everybody else on the desk and well, I didn't want to leave anybody out! ;) This must be one of our many interns. Whenever I am out with them people think they are training me! Oh, Miami, you have aged me though. 3 years ago I was guessed to be 12. Last week I was thought to be 14.

Stephanie is very cool...except for all those times she called me in early. haha!
Donna is a genius! She's absolutely brilliant. She has a phd in everything and is an invaluable resource to the station. She's so much fun to work with, too!
Abby's super nice! I'll miss you!
I'll miss having weekly sci-fi discussions with Greg! Enjoy the 2nd half of season 10, Greg!
Here's my boss, Curt C. Determined to make him a Stargate fan I bought him season one on dvd as a 'thanks for being a cool chief, but I'm going to Hollywood!' gift. He was a sport and posed ala Stephen Colbert. Curt's a super cool chief to work for... even if he wouldn't let me take my brand new midnight blue Nissan Exterra news car with me to Cali! :)
Mike K. is an awesome reporter. I have the utmost respect for him!
Nef is going to be at the airport the same time as us tomorrow! So no goodbye till tomorrow!!
Jim R. is one of 4's very talented photogs. And no, that's not a new do I'm sporting. It was real windy the other day!
Big Sho! We had some crazy times together! My last story in Miami was with him. It was certainly a memorable night! hahaha.
Here's JohnnyD! He actually reads my blog! :) He's a great guy and a great photog.
I wish I'd seen Gary before leaving! Our paths never crossed my last day. I take that back, I saw him driving away from the station as I was returning from my live shot. Oh well. Take care, Gary! It was fun! Give Princess and Buckles a pet on the head for me.

So many other people I'd like to mention... but I have to get some sleep! I've gotta plane to catch! Goodbye, Miami! Keep in touch everyone! My email is in my profile.


ewink said...

Dude! Where have I been? Congrats on the new job! Good luck and everything!

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