Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Quick update: I will be working at KCBS as well!


beFrank said...

Welcome aboard. I poked around a bit about the freelance work. Things were already in motion.

Good luck settling in. I'll be looking forward to meeting you in person.

turdpolisher said...

Best o' luck on the cross-country trek, and the new digs.

I'll be looking forward to your red carpet pics.

extvtog said...

I will be interested to see if your blog and "befrank's" blog will cross paths. Please post lots of pics of the new studio when they move in.

Johnny D. said...

Come now AMO...this latest news comes as little surprise to those of us who know your level of talent.

Looks to me like you'll have to do a little updating on the "about me" section of this blog!

KCBS is very lucky to have someone of your caliber on staff.

You and Dave are enjoying well deserved success and it gives us all faith in the future of this business.

AMO said...

befrank, I look forward to meeting you too!

turdpolisher-- can I call you tp for short? :) Thanks, I'll definately post my new adventures! Though I think frank covers most of the red carpet events. ;)

extvtog, I'll post pics so long as the station is cool with that!

JohnnyD, thanks so much. And may I say canal cuatro is lucky to have YOU on staff.
I'm only freelance, by the way, at KCBS. see you this weekend!!