Monday, March 05, 2007

Some Highlights From the Bahamas:

It's always crazy busy when you travel for work. As you can see we did have time to grab a sandwich. And where, you may ask, did we go to find this almost delicious sandwich?

That's right! We did actually eat at the restaurant called "Poop Deck"! You notice I called the sandwich 'almost delicious'... I'm sure it would be unfair (but funny) of me to say the place lived up to it's name. The problem was they put some weird sauce on my sandwich. I'm not a big sauce person. If it's not classic yellow mustard or hot sauce-- chances are I won't like it. Now that I think about it... I'm not sure I want to know what the mystery poop deck sauce was. Moving on!
I suppose since we are on the subject of sauces... One afternoon during lunch I watched as this bee landed on the Bahamian Hot Sauce (far right) and proceeded to slurp up hot sauce around the rim. This went on for quite some time. You're all starting to think my trip to the Bahamas was pretty boring, eh? Ok, let's get to the good stuff:
They had a Stargate at my hotel! :) Alright, alright-- the good stuff:
Okay, so check this out. The media set up a makeshift podium with mics for all the major players to come speak at when they finished with court. I was one of the first to stake out a spot. Prime location! Then this still photographer shows up with a step stool and literally sets up right in front of my camera. And it get's better--
He's on a step ladder when he is a foot away from where they will be speaking! I very politely asked him if he would not mind keeping off of the step stool because he was blocking my shot. He was not as polite. "I'm trying to get a shot too!!". My niceness convinced him to begrudgingly comply. Thank goodness for my Sachtler Hotpod! Though even at full extension there was a nice shot of him as foreground in my Larry Birkhead shot. Afterwards I told him about this great restaurant called "poop deck" that he should definately eat at.
I used our BGAN system for the first time! It's super simple to use. It basically sets up a portable Satellite internet connection so we could ftp our stuff back. Pretty cool! I think pretty much every station out there had one.
Here's me testing out the video chat!
So seriously, the bee was totally slurping up the hot sauce!

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Anonymous said...

What a jerk! I love hotpods. They're great for short people like me:)