Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I just returned a few days ago from a week long stint in the Bahamas. Yes, I was a part of the media madness and spent much time staring at the front gate of Anna Nicole's bahamian mansion. What a trip! And now I'm headed straight back. Hopefully this time we'll have the chance to eat at the Poop Deck. There are cosmic comedic forces compelling me to eat there. Must. Eat. At. POOOP DECCCK!
I know it was a short post, Johnny D! I'll do more when I get back! I've still got some packing to do tonight.
Sorry, Hartman! I've got to go again.


Kenneth said...

Hey Angie,

Looks like fun in the sun down on the island.

I had to shut down my blog because of work but I have a new blog up dealing with my trip to Kenya

When you have time check me out.

keep up the good work

Lovie said...

Keep up the good work.