Sunday, February 04, 2007

Greetings from Superbowl XL1! I've been up before dawn at soggy Dolphin Stadium.
Yes, it's been raining all day and will rain all superbowl night. As I type this it's pouring like it's summertime and fans are searching for ponchos!
Here's our field set (under a tent) where our anchors will be doing the news.
This is Lisa, our entertainment reporter, who I will be working with tonight. We're covering the halftime show and the stars who are here to watch the game. Sweeeeet, huh! Unless, of course, the stars decide to stay inside their hotel suites out of the rain. ;)
I'll be putting in at least a 20 hour day here coming off of a couple hours sleep-- and I love every minute of it! There's nothing like covering high energy events! The energy is contagious. You could be up for 5 days and be wide awake at something like this!
Dave and Lisa did an hysterical live shot with this wierd bungi cord game. You put on a harness with a bungi cord attached to your back and run as fast as you can to see how far you can get before the bungi flings you back! Click here for the live shot!
Here's Dave by the Vince Lombari trophy. There's tons of flickr photos from us and a some of our co-workers on our flickr page if you are interested!
To Be Continued!...

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