Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happenings and goings on:
The assignments are out and it looks like I will actually be AT the SuperBowl on Sunday! And I think I might just have the best gig of all since I get to work with our super cool entertainment reporter. It should be a flickrific day!
My Sister-in-Law, Amy, came down for a visit! We celebrated her birthday in the most embarrassing way possible: In a restaurant with it's staff begrudgingly singing a version of happy birthday they don't have to pay royalties for and a firebreathing cake that screamed for the entire restaurants attention. Happy Birthday Amy! :)
Not only was Amy in town, but so was my mother-in-law, Barbara and father-in-law, Marty! We had a blast! We ended up spending 3 hours at the 'Rusty Pelican' on Key Biscayne. Marty has the best stories! Next time we buy a new car, there will most definately be a consultation with Marty! Dave videotaped some of his stories about his overseas adventures. It's amazing how much detail he remembers about moments that passed decades ago.
We also took in the Chihuly exhibit...or perhaps the Chihuly exhibit took in us.
Someone was introducing comedians for Comedy Central's South Beach Comedy Festival!
And sitting near the front row was:

The fam! Poor Dave had to walk out on stage to find us snapping pictures up front! ;)
The next night Dave and I went to see Jon Stewart in concert. The man is pure genius! And as you can see, we had stellar seats! :)

hart ear 03
In other news, Hartman continues to flip her ear inside out when cleaning.
If you would like to hear Hartman speak, click on the youtube video below!


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i can't get enough of the "kuh-kuh-kuh"

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