Saturday, June 24, 2006

The parade celerating the Miami Heat victory over Dallas was yesterday! I can now mark another one off my list. I've always thought it would be exciting to cover a professional team championship. I know the photo above isn't so hot, but hey, It was taken with my camera phone while I was shooting my pkg! :) It was as cool as I thought it would be standing amongst thousands of crazy screaming fans, sparkly confetti dropping from the sky and shouts to my male reporter of 'hey! why do you make her carry that thing!'. I think all the male reporters need to where a sling around their arm when they work with me. ha.

Moving on.. so remember we had to move back in January because the owner of the place we were renting wanted to sell it? So we moved into a much smaller place (for the same rent. grr.) and have had all sorts of problems with it, like our bedroom getting flooded twice because of a bad seel on the toilet? We just found out the owner wants to sell the place we just moved into! We even asked before moving into it if they were planning on selling it anytime soon because we just went through that. The answer was 'no'. Our lease runs through January, so until then we have to live with strangers coming over all the time to look at the place. Unless be buy it for the 'discounted' price of $330,000! We won't be buying anything until prices return to a reasonable level. The place we moved out of 6 months ago is still on the market. There are sooo many people trying to cash out because they see the bubble deflating. The good news is, we don't think anybody will actually buy the place for even the 'discounted' price. The bad news is, people will continue to walk though our lives until it's sold.

There was going to be a funny picture of Hartman's reaction to this news, but blogger is messed up! D'oh!


mike said...

That's funny. I bet all the male reporters hate working with you because people think they're bastards while you carry that camera around. I bet a lot of people say you should be on the other side of the lens too!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I get the same thing. Our investigative reporter insists on carrying the tripod because of the nasty looks and comments he gets if he doesn't. But they still yell at him for making me carry the camera. Hey, it's my job:)