Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dave and I went to see Superman Returns tonight. We talked about how much actor Brandon Routh's real story is so much like the character of Vincent Chase in Entourage. Brandon and Vince both came from nothing, were reletively unknown, then got a big break starring in a blockbuster superhero movie (Superman and Aquaman). In the Entourage episode where Aquaman premiers, Vince and friends go to see it in a theater to gauge crowd reaction. At the height of the movie-- there is a blackout. In Superman Returns, one of the main plot points is Lex Luthor causes a blackout. Coincidence? No? Well how bout this: During the height of the movie tonight--at the Dolphin Mall theatres in Miami--the power went out!
Is it just me, or is this a little bizzare? What does all of this mean?

I asked crazy-backpack-on-head-while-window-shopping guy and he said I watch way too much tv.

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