Friday, April 11, 2008

Stuff I've Been Doing Lately, But Haven't Blogged About Because I Was Too Busy Watching American Idol:



I can mark another one off the list-- I've been on The Price is Right! Well, okay, not ON it but... behind it anyway. I shot a behind the scenes piece for a station in the midwest. If you are ever in LA, and want to see a show taping--- there is no better time to be had than that of The Price is Right! The energy in that place is crazy!


During the taping, my phone rang. It was the producer I was going to work with the next day:

Producer: Hey Ang, are you busy? Can I give you some info about our shoot tomorrow?

Me: *whispering*Actually I'm right in the middle of the Showcase Showdown, can you email me the info?

Producer: *chuckles* Oh, okay.

The next day the Producer asked me what story I was on when she called. I had to tell her that I actually wasn't kidding! I was totally in the middle of shooting the Showcase Showdown. :)
I went to the Dodgers season opener the other week! I was a huge Dodgers fan growing up... ok, tiny Angela had a huge crush on their 2nd baseman, Steve Sax, growing up. Nevertheless-- Dodger's fan!
Tiny Angela used to spend hours upon hours playing:

Gotta love the Commodore 64! I used to play game after game as the 1982 Los Angeles Dodgers.

To celebrate the Dodgers 50th anniversary, they had some players from the past take to the field in their old positions. They had the perfect soundtrack playing in the background. Even though the players were from way before my time (had no idea who most of them were. When I say I was a big Dodger fan growing up, I meant Dodgers circa 1982-1988), it was touching. I thought about how awesome it would have been for tiny Angela to see the Dodgers play back in the 80s. 'Heck', I thought 'I wish they were the ones taking the field now rather than the older players I don't know'.

No sooner had the thought entered my mind:

Steve Sax took up 2nd base! Now, I did see Sax once before playing against the Kansas City Royals-- but he was in a Yankee uniform and I was older and it wasn't the same.

A lot of the players from my era took up their positions. Tiny Angela smiled.



Dave and I went to a live taping of Mtv's 'Rock the Cradle' last night.


Did they rock?

Uhm... Well... I guess that depends on how you define 'rock'.


It was something fun to do on a Thursday night, anyway. :)



Here's some exciting news: Cydney is going to get a kitten soon!! This is going to be huge!!

In other news, I am in the final hours of my 32 year. Dave says there are plans, but after a weeks worth of prodding, I do not have so much as a hint as to tomorrow's adventure!

33... how the heck did that happen? Oh well, I still get asked where I go to school everywhere I go. :)


Anonymous said...

You left out that mom and dad called you (from dear old Frontenac, Ks.) while you was sitting in the right field bleachers and told you they had just seen you on TV at the game.

Satellite TV is wonderful!

Clark Sr.

AMO said...

Hi Clark Sr.,

I took care of it! :)

Ronni said...

Happy 33, Angie! I am 33 now and it's pretty cool, I must admit.

And how cool that you got to hit all those tapings. You have to LOVE your job! :)