Monday, April 28, 2008

Ode to Pallucca's:

Ah, Pallucca's. The little grocery store where tiny angela used to buy Cokes and Baseball cards, read the comic books (without ever buying one.. sorry bout that Palluccas), and made the biggest decisions of her life: do I get a cherry ring pop, a pack of Candy Ciggarettes, or some Big League Chew? Can't forget those delicious Wax Bottles full of syrupy goodness!
Not to mention Pallucca's is the giver of fresh, hot, Frontenac bread!
Why do I mention this tonight? Dave and I were driving along, talking about how we have to get up before the crack of dawn tomorrow (yuck) when suddenly a tear appeared in the space time continuum-- a certain song came on the radio and *woosh!*:

It's 1980 and I'm eyeing the ginormous shelves of candy! Yes, Funky Town by Lipps Inc has managed to forever hardwire itself in my brain to Pallucca's Grocery Store. In the early 80s, Pallucca's must have played Funky Town over their speaker system a million times... and tiny angela LOVED it!
Everytime I hear the song (which isn't often. In fact, I hadn't heard it in years) I am instantly 6 and buying Wax Lips. It's a treat. :)

I know, I know, so much to blog about and I end up blogging about tootsie rolls and blow pops. I'll try to catch up soon.

By the way, I sure wish the memo about pop rocks and coke had made it's way to to tiny angela back in the day. hehe

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