Sunday, March 09, 2008

The best part of my job is knowing that everyday there will be some sort of crazy adventure awaiting me. Lucky for Los Angeles this adventure was just a Napalm Bomb movie prop at Norton Sales Used Rocket and Aerospace store! If anybody out there would like to pull an Astronaut Farmer, this is your store! (I highly reccomend the Astronaut Famer movie, too! Very cool!)
It's not all props. There is genuine space stuff and junk here.
This is seriously an (extra) Apollo 13 Lunar Lander Engine.
So how did I luck out and get this assignment in the land of hoses, rockets, hoses, hoses, hoses, and--
--big red buttons begging to be pressed!
We're hear as part of Dave's million part series called "The Worst Job I Ever Loved". Hey, who wouldn't love selling spaceships for a living? But... someone has to clean this stuff up.
So yeah, pretty cool day! Where else has the 'Worst Job I Ever Loved' taken me this year?
Let's just say... this tongue belongs to someone...
Someone who not only eats a lot.... but poops....a LOT. And well...someone has to clean it up. Yeah, my days aren't always about hanging out in cool rocket ship stores.
After this particular adventure we were in need of new shoes... and according to our co-workers-- a shower.
Oh yeah, and the Santa Barbara Zoo also has hissing cockroaches. What could be more fun than trudging through poop and holding roaches? (Hey, it was actually fun! I guess I have the worst job I ever loved!)
How 'bout rummaging through a ship with homeland at the port of Los Angeles? Doesn't look so bad, right?
This is how you get around the ship. Small, rusty, greasy ladders in small, rusty, greasy spaces. With a Sony XDCam of course!
I recently joined a gym to keep myself in shape so I can do this job when I'm 60. These guys don't need a gym membership!
Time for a new pair of jeans! Oh, and we did find something unusual on the ship:
They have My Buddy on board!
More adventures to come! Tomorrow I'll be spending a couple of hours in a freezer! Hey, it beats working for a living. :)


Johnny D in Miami said...

Thank goodness you're back!

You had us worried but...we should have known better!

All you had to say was STAR TREK and, of course, that's going to get in the way of updating your blog!

Love the shots of you and Dave!

We miss you guys! The pictures keep me smiling! Great stuff!

Keep the updates coming!

AMO said...

Heya, johnny d! Hope you are well! I'll have to fire you off an email soon. I'm off to the gym for now. Good to hear from you!