Saturday, July 28, 2007


Some of you may have noticed when I like a sci-fi show--I LIKE a sci-fi show! When I heard that nearly the entire casts of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis were going to be at Comic Con in San Diego-- oh yes, I immediately bought my ticket online!

I got up at 3AM yesterday, downed some (ok, a lot of) caffeine, and drove myself to the:

"Best.Comic Con. Ever.". Why did I leave at 3AM? Because I was determined to get a good seat for the Stargate panels! And the sacrifice of sleep and hours of standing in line paid off!

I was in the 2nd row center! After waiting hours just to get in, I had to sit in that seat for 3 and a half hours to wait for the panels to begin. Many interesting conversations took place in those front rows. A lot were regarding the Sci-fi channel's "unforgivable" misspelling Col Sheppard's name on a promo. Most were regarding *spoiler alert* the killing of Scottish Stargate Atlantis character Dr. Carson Beckett. Man, I liked Carson just fine... but these fans actually had:
Kilts and bagpipes and banners referring to Carson as "The Scot in the sky"!
And that's certainly not all! But more about that later. The next most popular topic was Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson) who was scheduled to be at the con. I have to admit, if I could only meet one actor from the Gates I would want to meet Shanks. Daniel, in my opinion, is the heart of Stargate. Even more so than Jack O'Neill.

Finally the time arrived! Christopher Judge took the stage! Amanda Tapping took the stage! Ben Browder took the stage! Michael Shanks---didn't show up... for unspecified reasons... D'oh! That was a tad dissapointing. Then-- the first fan to ask a question recieved an autographed copy of the 200th episode script. The crowd, green with envy, went wild: "Oh WOW!! WOW!!!! AWESOME!!! OH MY GOD!!!!"

...Ahem, You may recall, I won a Stargate video contest 9 months ago and the prize was an autographed copy of the 200th episode script. They still haven't sent it to me. I have a bizzare sense of humor so I couldn't help but shake my head and laugh: I woke up hours before the crack of dawn to find my favorite character actor was a no show for unknown reasons and then they give away an autographed 200 script like they have these things just lying around taking up space --while I've been trying nearly a year to get my beloved prize from them.

Then, it happened:

One of the Save Carsonites posed a question to the panel:
The crowd ROARED as they waved their Scotland flags!

They CHEERED in their Scottish hats!

They SCREAMED as the bagpiper piped!
And Stagate Producer Robert Cooper responded:

"It's not that I have anything against doctors... it's just that I hate Scottish people."

Oh.My.God. I think I blew a funny fuse. I do not believe there was anything funnier that could have possibly been uttered at that moment. The rabidity of the fans mixed with the innapropriateness of the comment= FUNNIEST MOMENT EVER.

From then on it was non stop laughter! These guys are a riot! This is Christopher Judge who plays Teal'c on SG1.

Amanda Tapping who plays Col Sam Carter on SG1 and now Atlantis.

Ben Browder who plays Col Cameron Mitchell on SG1
Joe Flanigan who plays Col John Sheppard on Atlantis.

David Hewlett who plays Dr. Rodney McKay on Atlantis (and who is putting on the current Stargate video contest. here's my entry!)
Jewel Staite (of Firefly fame) who will play Dr. Jennifer Keller

There's so much more to tell. But Dave's parents are in town and I must depart! I had a blast at comic con and enjoyed meeting fans who are as obcessed (many of them more so... MUCH more so...) with Stargate as me. ;)

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Johnny D said...

Are you alive or did you get trapped, unable to get back to us from the "gate"?

We miss you!

OK, and Dave too ;-)