Saturday, July 21, 2007

Check out my latest Stargate video!!
Stargate Atlantis: The Counterparts

Yes, it's for another online Stargate video contest. :) This time there is no voting involved so don't worry, I won't be bugging you too much. hehe.
Call time was 10AM last Saturday. The smell of fresh (or at least made sometime this week) Simpson's donuts filled our home. I didn't try one, but it would seem the proper response to tasting a Simpson donut is "D'oh! Puh-puh-puh!". Oh well, can't go wrong with bananas (which incidentally did NOT go extinct last year as the drunk guy at The Cove predicted in 1990. (had to be there)).
After drinking our coffee and laughing at the kitten that eated a butter...
IMG_4830 was time to roll!
My new friend Phillip played a spoof on the character Rodney McKay named 'Ronnie'. Phillip totally rocks! Click on his name to goto his myspace page and see his videos!
Yoink™ on Atlantis
Good ol' Yoink (aka Mark) portrayed Col. John Sheppard's counterpart, Josh. Unfortunately, the lines which established Josh's name were cut. I wrestled with that for a while, but felt the piece wanted to move on rather than sit through another 15 second gag at the beginning. Don't you dig the hair? It was a mullet wig, but I cut it short. Mark used to work with us in Vegas-- and now here we are at the same station in LA! It's so awesome to have our Yoink back. To celebrate our reunion we went out and eated a butter.
Meredith played Tanya, the spoof on Teyla. Mer gave up her ticket for Harry Potter at the Imax in the name of Stargate! Thank you!! She also has the funniest gag in the video (in my opinion). That gag being **SPOILER ALERT** her 'serenading the Wraith into passivity'. I feel like I have to write why these gags are funny considering how obscure they are... but I'm not gonna. Trust me, 1 out of every million of you will find it hillarious. ;)
Michael played Roland, Ronan's spoof!
He went above and beyond the call of duty and grew a goatee for the shoot! I had no idea he was doing that! AWESOME!!
Watch Counterparts
Here's the special effect of the wormhole being established.
Scene : Gate Board
For the Stargate puddle we actually shot a pool! It worked!
To achieve the puddle reflection we shook an aluminum foil covered box at a light. As it turns out, this is very similar to how they do the actual effect on the show!
To show the explosions during the battle scene, we used orange gel on a light with a dimmer to create the effect.
Scene : Hartman as Sam Carter
And of course Hartman made an appearance! She's so easy to shoot because she is so curious about what I'm doing. Well, that and we bribed her with turkey-- which fit into the scene nicely!
Wow did that sandwich stink! We held it at arms length and fed it to the disposal as soon as soon as we were done shooting it!
Thanks to everybody involved!

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