Saturday, May 05, 2007


Hartman is 10 years old this month! Since I don't know the exact date of her birth-- we celebrate her birthday EVERY day in May!
My niece, Cydney, bought Hartman a present with her own money. Her Mom, Pam, asked her who her best friend in the world was-- she answered "Hartman!" Isn't that sweet! :)
Hartman unwraps her gift!
It's a Play-n-Squeak Bumblebee! Now I have to tell you... Hartman is one picky kitty. I bought her a kitty condo once--- she hated it. But she LOVED the box it came in! She usually sticks her nose up at anything that is not a milk ring or twisty tie...
Oh, but wait--
Could it be????---
She LOVES her little bumblebee!
Thanks Cydney!

In other news, Rue McClanahan is my first LA celebrity interview! She's quite witty and very friendly. It was a fun chance to break out some of the toys in my light kit for the interview. BREAKING NEWS:

We interupt this blog to bring you this important announcement: Cydney and Hartman have just been hired to anchor the evening news. :)

Well I'm going to go buy a new couch now. We donated our old couch--dubbed the 'most uncomfortable couch---ever' by, well, pretty much everybody who ever sat on it. My sister-in-law Amy actually says the couch 'hurt her eyes' to look at. I can't seem to find a good picture of it quickly enough. I've gotto go to Ikea! (so excited to live in a city with an Ikea again!)


Anonymous said...

Happy B-month Hart! You don't look a day over five.

watchwhathappens said...

happy birthday cute lil hartman, and many more! glad she likes her bee!

congrats in advance on the new couch.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birth month Hartman! Aren't you lucky that you were adopted from a humane society by such a wonderful human! Thanks Angie, I wish more people would think about getting their four legged family members from humane society's. It would save a lot of lives.
Aunt Marilyn