Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Moriconi Family Movies:

Here's a look at the Christmas present we made for the family! Dave and I took all the old 8mm film reels Dad shot in the 70s and 80s and turned it into a nice 2 disk dvd set! On the cover you see a nice picture of Mom, Dad in funny glasses, my brother in a sweet 70s striped shirt and little me staring at our Christmas tree. On the back are a couple of pictures showing the set up for our 8mm to mini-dv dub. You'll notice we list 'interactive menus' as a 'special feature'. That's our little jab at real commercial dvds that are so special features poor that they actually list 'interactive menus' as a special feature! Interactive menus is not a special feature!

The dvds look like the old 8mm reels. I wasn't sure at first if simply shooting the film with our GL1 would work out quality wise-- but I was pleasantly surprised. It looks about as good as if we were to have spent thousands having the reels transferred to dvd.
Oh, and the Motion Picture Association gave the dvds an 'R' rating due to 'nudity' (the bathtub scenes). Thanks a lot Mom and Dad. ;)

This was a pretty darn good Moriconi Christmas! One of the highlights was when Mom opened Dad's gift to her. Mom pulled out a coat that looked suspiciously like her own. Mom looked at the coat laughing,"What did you do? Isn't this my coat?". We were all laughing!

"I didn't have time to go shopping for you", Dad said. He let her think for a few moments that this might actually be true. Then Dad told her to check the pockets:
You can see even Heather the cat couldn't wait to see what was inside the pocket! Dad had bought her a nice necklace! "Should I check the other pocket, too?" Mom asked. "No," laughed Dad,"Well, you can, but there's nothing in there!"
Dad had also wrapped his ankle weights with the coat to give it weight! hehe.
One of the gifts I gave Mom and Dad was this jewelry box I bought in Egypt. Inside was a rock from Mt Sinai where Moses got the 10 comandments. For some reason... Mom decided to sniff it...
And apparently...
It smells as bad as the holiday jones soda's taste!

I'm so glad I was able to travel home for Christmas! Hope everybody had a great holiday!

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