Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's almost quitting time at work. My stomach's already growling. Soon I'll be relaxing at home, watching tivo, fixing some stir fry--


Oh, Nextel. Why must you chirp so close to the finish line?

"Angie, can you shoot one last thing before you go home?"

This is the antithesis of the unexpected snow day when you were 7...

Tivo and stir fry will have to wait until I finish my one last battle with rush hour traffic.
After my 40 minute drive to travel 5 miles, I arrived at this:

Hialeah House 02
Oh. My. Goodness. My mission was to shoot some video of this particularly festive home. Trust me, there is a home here! lol! My camera phone doesn't do this place justice. Every square inch, front and back, was taken. It was overflowing with inflatibles! There must have been at least 100 different ones. And the yard wasn't that big!
Hialeah House 01

There was a path carved through the inflatible jungle just big enough for my camera and me. As I weaved my way through Homer and Frosty and Elm---oh--Elmo fell down onto the path. No problem! I pick poor Elmo up with my free hand and tunnel under. I stopped to take in the absurdity of standing alone in the middle of 100 gigantic, googly-eyed, practically dog-piled, christmas inflatables. It was a truly funny moment! Definately worth putting off Tivo for. It's important to appreciate the little things (and big inflatable things) in life! :)

In another page from my little book of absurd moments:
Rosie 02
I interviewed Rosie O'Donnell as she christened a bowling alley on a cruiseship the other day.

And now for the trifecta:

She's a never ending source of entertainment for us! You don't know how long we've been waiting for her to get into that exact spot and position!

Just in case I haven't blogged enough about Stargate for you lately (haha), there's a new blog you should check out: Joseph Mallozzi's Thoughts and Tirades, Rants and Ruminations. Mr. Mallozzi is an Executive Producer/Writer for Stargate. He and writing partner Mr. Paul Mullie are responsible for my favorite episode of all time "Window of Opportunity". He is an integral part of what has made Stargate so great all these years. His latest entry gives an interesting inside look at his writing process-- and details regarding what he had for dinner that night. You will leave his blog hungry, I'm tellin' ya! If you are ever in Vancouver, check his blog for all the hot spots. :) Joe left a comment on my blog today congratulating me on my Stargate 'Keep The Gate Open' video contest win-- which made this fan's day. Thanks, Joe! If I'm ever in Vancouver, I'll buy you lunch and we can blog about it!

I'm flying home to Kansas on Saturday! Can't wait to see you all!!
NPC Award 010


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